Terms And Conditions


50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date.


We accept cash, Cash-app, Zelle, Venmo (3% charge will be added to the Venmo payment).

Payment needs to be payed in full during pickup.


Pickup is at 4:30 pm for the day reserved. We can allow a different pickup time upon request depending on availability of inventory.

If we assist you while loading, we are not liable for any damages made to your vehicle.

Care and instructions

All items must be returned to original packaging unless otherwise instructed. Additional charges may apply if items are lost or broken including sandbags, moving blankets, crates, or bins in which they were originally packaged.

Chairs & Tables

Cross-back chairs should be stacked 6 chairs high. The cushions removed and bagged. Tables and garden chairs should be folded and stacked. Any dirt and debris should be removed off the items. All chairs must be returned clean. Addition charges may apply if chairs are returned dirty.


Linen does not need to be washed but needs to be cleaned of any loose food. Linen needs to be stored in mesh bags. Additional charges may apply if linen has excessive candle wax, burned holes, or stains including pen/marker.


Plates must be washed and dried unless you paid for the additional dishwashing service. No more than 20 large plates per bin, and no more than 30 small plates per bin.


Cups must be washed and dried and returned to its original packaging.


Flatware must be hand washed and dried. Flatware cannot be soaked or washed with any citrus or other strong dish detergent. Please recount all the flatware prior to returning. Additional charges may apply if items are lost.


We offer dishwashing upon request. If dishwashing service was added, then follow the following instructions. Solid food should be removed from the dishes and stacked into garage bags provided. Then plates should be placed back into the bin. Large plates should not have any more than 20 plates per bin. For smaller plates not more than 30 plates per bin. Cups should be in the bins provided standing upright. All extra bubble wrap needs to be returned. Flatware should also be placed back into its original bin.


Items need to be dropped off by 10am the following morning unless otherwise agreed by both parties. Additional charges may apply if items are not dropped off in time.


We offer delivery upon request for an extra charge. Delivery charge includes drop off and pick up after the event is finished. Total cost must be paid in full prior or upon delivery. During pickup items must be placed back to the proper containers and chairs stacked. Please see care instructions for additional details. Items will be picked up from the same location as dropped off. If you would like for us to clean up and collect your items for you, please contact us for an additional cleanup fee. Additional charges may apply if items are not ready for pickup.

Addition Information

If you have any questions regarding on packing or caring for the items, feel free to contact us at 864-515-1707.